Opposition SDSM and Coalition Partners Campaigned For ‘Life In Macedonia’

Time: 11:50 p.m. CEST

Photography, Videography and story by Aleksandra Dukovska

SDSM_Coalition_Campaign626.JPG” width=

election2016The opposition SDSM party and partners of their pre-election coalition held the campaign rally in Skopje to present their candidates for the early general election, scheduled for December 11. One week before the Election Day, president of SDSM, Zoran Zaev called all residents to vote for their life in Macedonia.

Video highlights of opposition rally to present candidates for early election 2016.

All of the candidates for six electoral units in Macedonia briefly addressed gathered supporters before the final week of the campaign. Zoran Zaev said that federalization only exist in his opponent, former Prime minister Nikola Gruevski thoughts. Zaev dismissed the qualifications of the ruling party candidates for reported plans for federalization of Republic of Macedonia. Zaev said, “Who does not have anything else to offer to the residents, despite lies and fabrications.”

President of SDSM, Zaev who disclosed the reported intercepted conversations in February 2015 and opened the process for an early general election through agreed Przino Agreement said, “We get the fight for each of our residents.”

Zaev addressed large spectrum of the population in Macedonia and said that each of them would have their time on December 11 to “choose for their life, for the stability of their job posts.”

Guest of the rally was Nikola Dimitrov who said this is the fight about our character and identity. Another guest was the member of the Colorful Revolution, Pavle Bogoevski who will compete on SDSM list for Electoral Unit 1. Bogoevski addressed supporters of opposition with the words that there would be “no peace, without justice.”


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