Austria Re-Runs Presidential Elections

Time: 4: 00 p.m. CEST

Austria votes on December 4 in a re-run of a presidential election, which should be the possibility for another challenge between far-right Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer and former Green Party head Alexander Van der Bellen. says in last May election, Van der Bellen won, but Austria’s highest court canceled the voting due to the irregularities in the count. Opinion polls published in November said the vote is close to call. If the candidate of far-right party wins, Hofer would be the EU’s first far-right head of state.

The campaign was with posters of both candidates being defaced. comments that, “the direction in which Austria will take with regard to the European Union is closely watched.”

The former Green Party candidate Alexander Van der Bellen is aged 72 and he is economics professor. He is candidate who is former leader of Green Party, looks on Austria as a liberal and cosmopolitan country. Der Bellen position on President-elect Donald Trump, as states is “His campaign style, the sexist attacks were unacceptable.”

Far-right Freedom party candidate is aged 45 and he is aeronautical engineer who opposed the open borders for immigrants and refugees. “It was a major mistake that has inflicted massive costs on the entire EU, as well as Austria and taxpayers,” Hofer said, as reports. Hofer opposed immigration and at the beginning said Austria could follow the United Kingdom’s vote to leave EU.

Der Bellen commented that Hover is in favor of “Oexit.” Most recently, as on Friday, Hofer said all who accuse him about that are damaging Austria.

After Austria, France, the Netherlands and Germany would have elections, with anti-mainstream and anti-immigration parties have getting grounds.


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