Fidel Castro Dies at 90 in Cuba

Time:9:20 a.m. CEST

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s maximum leader who briefly pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war, died on Friday aged 90, the New York Times writes. Cuban state television announced his death. Castro was on the position president until 2006, when he stepped aside due to serious illness. He gave much of the power to his brother Raul, and formally resigned as president in 2008. Castro thought, the Times writes, he would “orchestrated” the continuation of the ruling of his Communist revolution.

The Times says that, even when he fell ill and it was hospitalized with “diverticulitis in the summer of 2006, Mr. Castro tried to dictate the details of his own medical care and orchestrate the continuation of his Communist revolution, engaging a plan as old as the revolution itself.” United States then officially condemned the transition, but in December 2014, President Obama used his executive powers to dial down the decades of antagonism between United States and Cuba.

The process opened with exchange of prisoners and normalizing of the diplomatic relations between the two countries. Pope Francis helped in making the deal after 18 months of secret talks between representatives of both governments.

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