President Obama Assures President-elect Trump Supports NATO

Time: 11:31 p.m. CEST

Before to departure for his final foreign trip as a president, Barack Obama responded to the White House correspondents’ questions on November 14. Obama shared details of the Thursday’s conversation with President-elect Donald Trump about the strategic relationships and commitments of the United States to NATO and Trans-Atlantic Alliance.

“In my conversation to the President-elect he express a great interest in maintaining strategic relationships and one of the messages I would be able to deliver is commitment to NATO and Trans-Atlantic Alliance,” Obama said. President pointed put that he can serve the important function “at this stage during this trip.”

Obama will visit Greece and Germany before his visit to Peru. “?Is to let them know that there is no weakening of resolve when it comes to Americas commitment, and maintaining a strong and robust NATO relationship and recognition that those alliances are not only good for Europe, but are good for the United States and are vital for the world.”

Obama addressed German Chancellor Angela Merkel as his closest partner in the past eight years. Both in Greece and Germany, Obama “would signal our solidarity with our closest allies and express our support for a strong, integrated and united Europe, and that is why Trans-Atlantic Alliance and NATO alliance endured for decades under Democratic and Republican administration.”

Despite foreign related issues, Obama addressed his opinion about domestic issues, raised after win of Republican candidate, Donald Trump.


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