Hearing in Case Against Pavle Bogoevski Postponed

Time: 2:19 p.m. CEST

Pavle Bogoevski (L) leaves the courthouse at the Primary Court Skopje1 in Skopje accompanied by a member of the “Colorful Revolution,” Demijan Hadzi-Angelovski and Bogoevski’s lawyer Sasho Dukoski (R) on November 14, 2016.

The second hearing in the pre-trial procedure between the Ministry of Culture and member of the “Colorful Revolution,” Pavle Bogoevski ended with another postponement for December 21, 2016. Bogoevski who arrived at the court alone, but some supporters greeted him at the court entrance.

After the end of the hearing, Bogoevski said he would not give the statement to the media because since midnight he is a candidate on the opposition list for Electoral Unit 1 on the early elections, scheduled for December 11. Instead, Demijan Hadzi-Angelovski, gave a statement, because he arrived at the court as witness. A lawyer of Bogoevski, Sasho Dukoski, explained that he requested additional time to review the costs of damages to the facade of the Ministry of culture, on which, the prosecution burdens Bogoevski.

“I saw many numbers, we will review them and we would take the stance,” Dukoski stated. Dukoski also stated that the cost of the damages are not defined in the charges, and that the court received the data today. The charges, as Dukoski stated are of July, and the cost damage expertise is of May 2016.

The prosecution claims that Bogoevski damaged the facade of the building of the Ministry of Culture during the protests of the “Colorful Revolution” on April 18, 2016.


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