US: Protests Against President-elect Donald Trump

Time: 11:44 a.m. CEST

In early hours after the Republican candidate for president Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential elections, thousands walked in protests across America with slogans, “Not our President,” and “Love trumps hate.” In New York, protesters gathered close to the billionaire’s buildings and at the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, were a ragged U.S. flag was waved.

Mostly young people, with all races, stand together in New York City and chanted, “We reject, the president-elect.” In Dallas, young people caustically remained the president-elect on immigration. “Without immigrants, Trump would have no wives,” while in Seattle, people said, “Get of my back.”

In Oakland, California, about 6,000 people blocked traffic. In downtown Chicago, about 1.800 people were at the Trump International Hotel and Tower, chanting, “No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA.” Protesters peacefully gathered in Philadelphia, Boston, Portland, Minneapolis and other cities across the U.S. Protests ended peacefully, as teams for transition will start to work and preparing Trump for his term of presidency. For the first time after elections in the U.S., people express disagreements with the outcomes of the elections.


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