Election Night Approaches in US Presidential Elections 2016

Time: 10:36 p.m. CEST

Shortly the first poll will close at the 2016 presidential elections in the United States in which America would choose new leader for the White House in the next four-year period. In the next period, as the Associated Press writes, “the winner will inherit a nation angry and distrustful of leaders in Washington. She or he will preside over and improving economy that is nevertheless leaving many behind and a military battling new terror threats.”

The long campaign that started in the previous year was full of personal challenges, words and attacks of the candidates who did not spare each other to offend and label the campaign as “ugly.” But, the voters today will decide who will lead the nation, and even those who are not decisive at the voting places while casting their ballots, will share their preferences.

Two presidential candidates who fight long primaries and election campaign casted their votes during the Election Day. Democratic presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton voted in Chappaqua, N.Y. on Tuesday morning, as the New York Times reports. On the voting place, some residents entered and hugged Clinton. As, the Times writes, Clinton said, “It is a humbling feeling.” Her opponent, Trump cast the vote at a polling place on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Trump arrived with his wife Melania and both voted side by side, with Trump looking over the shoulders toward Melania.

The vice-presidential candidates cast the votes in the morning. Senator Tim Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, voted together with his wife, Anne Holton after 6:00 a.m. in Richmond, Virginia. Governor Mike Pence, running mate for Trump, voted together with his family at the St. Thomas Aquinas Church.

The voting process is underway, and early voters, urban voters and minority voters will remain in lines to vote. The Times says, “Minority voters are six times as likely as whites to wait longer than an hour to vote.” The map of these presidential elections is different than that of 2012 and reflected the states the candidates visit during the last day of the campaign. Clinton’s aides express confidence the results will be positive for Democrats in Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Virginia, but they are with less optimism for Michigan, Iowa and Ohio.

Women will have their voice casted in these elections, as, especially those with college degrees, “have been galvanized this year.” If the women voters have more turnout than in 2012, “Trump could face a punishing defeat,” the Times says. The historic elections, as referred, could bring the numbers of the Hispanic population with increased turnout, than four years ago, something that could be of importance for Clinton, as it was for Obama’s result in 2012. Latino population could decide the vote in Florida, where Trump does not have a credible path to the elections without 29 electoral votes of this state.

Brief developments: 

  • In a lawsuit filed today, the campaign accused the Clark County registrar of keeping an early voting location open for two extra hours to aid Democratic turnout, Politico.com brings details.
  • Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, deleted a picture of his ballot this morning after Electionland pointed out that ballot pictures are illegal in the state of New York, where he voted. He has deleted his tweet, but not before our tweet was retweeted more than 900 times, says Electionland.com, which monitors the access to the voting in real time and register potential irregularities.

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