Last Campaigning before US Presidential Elections

Time: 11:11 p.m. CEST

United States elections for new president are tomorrow. With final pushes of the both campaigns, candidates of Democrats and Republicans expects to win in Michigan.

Election Day approaches in the United States and as time is passing both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would use final hours of Monday to the make the final full day of campaigning. CNN reports both candidates have their own path to victory, but concludes Clinton is better positioned than Trump, with a narrow lead in national polls and an advantage in many battleground states.

The latest CNN Poll of Polls projects Clinton four-point lead over Trump. The last number shows 46% to 42%, but in the so-called swing states, the race is tight. says, the Democrats are worried about Trump’s strength in the Midwest-especially in Michigan, despite not positive outcomes for Republican since 1988.

As reports, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said on Monday, Trump could win in Michigan, saying to ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the campaign feels “really good” about the latest polling in upper Midwest states. Trump should win in Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, “where he is locked in margin-of-error races with Clinton, just to give him a chance to make the near perfect run through the remaining swing states that he needs to capture the presidency.”

Democrats, including current president, Barack Obama, were in Michigan, were Democrats expects the votes in their favor and advantage.

The most recent CNN’s electoral map shows Clinton is projected to win 268 electoral votes from states that are solidly blue or leaning in her direction. Trump has 204 votes from states that are for her, or are leaning that way. For a candidate to be elected in the White House, he or she needs 270 electoral votes.

The presidential race was full of surprises, but the biggest happened on Sunday, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey said, “newly discovered emails being reviewed by the bureau didn’t change his conclusion that the former secretary of state should not be charged over her private email server.” With FBI almost last minute announcement on Sunday, Clinton said more optimistic message than in previous days, where last week the Bureau re-opened investigation into emails, when looking at another investigations.

The Sunday’s decision of FBI angered Trump and he said that, “the American people would deliver justice at the ballot box.” “Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know it,” he said at a huge rally at Sterling Heights, Michigan, reports.

What influenced on presidential elections?


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