Processes: Sasho Mijalkov Left Special Prosecution After Two Hours

Time: 4:58 p.m. CEST

Photo, video and text by Aleksandra Dukovska

Process_SP_SC_Mijalkov202 copy 2.jpg

Former Director of the Security and Counterintelligence Sasho Mijalkov left the new offices of the Prosecution for illegally intercepted conversations two hours after he entered on November 4. Mijalkov left the building of the prosecution without to give any statement to the reporters waiting outside. Former counterintelligence director within the Ministry of Interior left the prosecution together with a lawyer Nikola Dodovski and a member of his private security. Prosecution, reportedly questioned Mijalkov for the conversations related to the caught of Ljube Boskovski after the general elections on June 5 in 2011.

Here is the video of Mijalkov leaving the building of the prosecution and reporters and cameramen running after the former director of the counterintelligence.


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