Judicial Processes: Another Postponement in Case “Putsch”

Time: 7:39 p.m. CEST

The Primary Court Skopje 1 in Skopje postponed to undefined date the hearing in the judicial case “Putsch,” after November 1 attempt for continuation of the process. As the media report, the judge in the trial left the courtroom after the President of SDSM, Zoran Zaev started to talk inside the courtroom.

In the case, the State Prosecution reacted to the charges submitted by the former Prime minister Nikola Gruevski through the Ministry of Interior. Considering the political context of the trial, Zaev requested presence of the head of the newly formed Prosecution for the intercepted conversations inside the courtroom and in general to the process.

But, neither Katica Janeva, head of the Prosecution for the illegally intercepted conversations, did not move the process further than from the beginning. The judge Bashevska reacted to the situation where some of the officials inside the courtroom lacked the security clearance to deal with classified information. After the ending of the hearing, the Primary Court Skopje 1 in Skopje issued the written statement addressing the reasons for the postponement.

According to the statement, the judge postponed the case 10 times, of which six times upon the request of the defendants. The State Prosecution charged five persons, including SDSM President Zoran Zaev and former director of Department of Security and Counterintelligence within the Ministry of Interior, Zoran Verushevski.

The case started after Zaev in February 2015 disclosed to the public, as he claimed, evidences for the massive surveillance of the conversations of more than 20.000 residents of Macedonia. On the previous attempted hearing, Janeva requested that former Prime minister Nikola Gruevski testify, but the Court could not progress with the invitation to Gruevski.



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