Iraqi Forces Approach Close to Mosul

Time: 6:35 p.m. CEST

Iraqi forces entered in the outskirts of the Islamic State group-held Mosul on Tuesday, despite the snipers, landmines and road-blocking boulders. Entering in Mosul could trigger additional fights and battles for every street and house. publishes that the commanders say, the plan is to “squeeze” ISIS fighters from different directions.

The battles could influence the civilian casualties as the militants could use thousands of civilians, into Mosul as human shields. Iraqi forces surrounded the ISIS-held village of Gogjali on eastern parts of Mosul on Tuesday, and by late afternoon forces took control over the village, writes.

This gained battle for the village could open the path for the forces to enter the city. The Iraqi army troops raised the Iraqi flag on the building of state TV after returning under the control, the statement of Iraq’s Joint military commands says.

CNN correspondents close to Gogjali explained on Tuesday they could see smoke outside the city, as Iraqi tanks and warplanes attacked the militants positions inside the village. Residents in the area witness heavy shelling. Iraqi Prime minister Haider al-Abadi called the estimated 5,000 Islamic State militants to surrender and promised no escape. “There is no way to escape, either surrender or die,” he told a reporter for state-run Iraqiya TV at the Qayyara airbase south of the city,” Abadi said. For the first time, Iraqi forces will fight side by side with Kurdish Peshmerga troops and urged all to “leave political differences aside,” as writes.

About 100.000 people in Mosul formed an extraordinary union of ethnic and religious groups, including Peshmerga, Shia and Christian paramilitary groups against the common enemy. Meanwhile, Turkey decided to relocate the military equipment close to the southeastern cities near the Iraqi border.

Islamic State group controls Mosul since 2014, and it is a place where the militants proclaimed the envisaged caliphate.


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