Three Militants Stormed Sleeping Premises of Police Academy near Quetta

Time: 6:59 p.m. CEST

Deadly attack committed by three attackers inside a police-training center near Quetta in Pakistan claimed at least 61 lives and injured 165 others on Monday night. Balochistan Home Minister, as the Pakistani The Express Tribune writes, Mir Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti said to reporters, three suicide militants attacked the site. In the early hours after the attack, the estimates were that the group, which attacked the site, was larger.

Reuters writes, their photographer at the scene said, the authorities shot dead one of the attackers, who was a teenaged boy.

The authorities blamed militant group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi for the siege, but on Tuesday, Islamic State militants claimed the attack. The group distributed photographs of the three alleged attackers, where two of them are in the early teenage years.

The raid of the sleeping premises of the police college lasted nearly five hours, Reuters said. The news agency says that a photograph of the alleged attackers released by the militants showed one with the resemblance to the body police took from the scene, inside the college. Two others, reportedly, blow themselves up. Reuters quotes Zahid Hussain, an Islamabad-based security analyst who explains Islamic State has a presence in Pakistan, but the government is in denial.

The authorities in Pakistan pointed out that a sectarian Sunni militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi carried out the attack. Reuters publishes, General Sher Afgun, a senior military commander in Baluchistan, said to the media, the military intercepted calls between attackers. The communication suggested, they were from the LeJ.

“We came to know from the communication intercepts that there were three militants who were getting instructions from Afghanistan,” Afgun said, adding the Al Alami faction of LeJ was behind the attack, Reuters reports.

The Express Tribune’s Imtiaz Gul in the article Quetta College Carnage: It is nothing else, but tit for tat, says the latest carnage “can be interpreted in two ways; it is a strike either by the Pakistani or Uzbek proponents of Daesh, i.e. Lashkare Jhangvi or different splinters of the TTP. Gul explains that the attack could be a tit for tat, “reprisal attack by all those who see Pakistan’s security establishment as the patron of the Haqqani Network.”

Reuters explains LeJ has a history of attacks in Baluchistan, especially against the minority Hazara Shias. Last year, Pakistan started the crackdown against the group.


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