Russia Could Extend Moratorium of Air Strikes in Aleppo

Time: 8:35 p.m. CEST

Russia would extend a moratorium on air strikes on Syria’s Aleppo into night day, but the monitor group and civil defense officials inform on the attacks in recent days, Reuters report. As Reuters, publishes, Defense ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov explained Russian and Syrian planes had not even approached, let alone bombed Aleppo since last Tuesday.

Sergei Rudskoi, a defense ministry official said on Tuesday about the extended moratorium, but without specific dates. In the days of moratorium Russian and Syrian planes would continue to be out of a 10 km (6-mile) zone around Aleppo, Reuters said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said no civilian deaths happened in recent days inside eastern Aleppo that is controlled by the rebels. But, on Tuesday, the monitor group said, district outside the city to the west were hit by air strikes.

Al Jazeera English says, “Six humanitarian corridors in eastern Aleppo, which opened as part of the pause in hostilities to allow civilians to flee, were still operating, said Konashenkov.” He said 48 women and children had left the city late on Monday, escorted by Russian military officers.

The United Nations postponed medical evacuation of vulnerable population from Aleppo due to the security reasons.

The city is divided into two parts, one controlled by the Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad regime and second, which is brutally destroyed in rubles, controlled by the rebels against regime.

Source: Reuters (Russia says it extends moratorium on Aleppo air strikes)




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