Russia Informs Unilateral Ceasefire Ended in Syria’s Aleppo

Time: 4: 12 p.m. CEST

The bombing on eastern Aleppo continued on Sunday as CNN reports. A Syrian White Helmet rescue worked named Ismail Abdullah said to CNN that he heard a lot of bombing over the night. Unilateral ceasefire imposed by the Syrian government and Russian military ended on Sunday with no progress on the evacuating trapped population inside rebel-controlled parts of Aleppo.

The United Nations cancelled medical evacuations of those who are wounded or sick. Both sides blamed each other for the failure to evacuate the city. CNN was not able to confirm the claims of the Syria’s state news agency that fighters from the al-Qaida Nusra Front started fire on civilians.

Reuters reported that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Moscow would not impose another ceasefire after the “humanitarian pause” in airstrikes on Aleppo ended on Saturday.

CNN’s Ivan Watson reports rebels remain in Aleppo, “refusing to abandon their territory.” Syrian forces and Russian military warplanes are attacking eastern Aleppo to gain control of the rebels.



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