MOI’s Department of Counterintelligence Denied Investigators Access Until Foreign Company Expert Arrives

Time: 7:04 p.m. CEST

Katica Janeva (M) photographed on September 15, 2016 news conference. (photo by Aleksandra Dukovska)

The Department for the Security and Counterintelligence at the Ministry of Interior in Skopje denied entrance at the building to the investigators of the Public Prosecution for illegally intercepted conversation on Saturday, the prosecution said in a statement.

After yesterday’s night confusions in the relations between the prosecution and the department, the prosecution officially requested their investigators to remain inside the department until the arrival of the Swedish telecommunication company expert or representative.

The Department uses the systems of the Swedish company for the communication surveillance. The Department refused to respond positively to the prosecution requirements and informed the prosecution the department is securing the equipment according to the guidances for work with the classified informations. The prosecution informs that the examination of the equipment would show if someone deleted or manipulated with the computer systems.

On October 22, the Prosecution obtained evidences for the special investigation measures from the Department.


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