Special Prosecution Requests Crucial Importance Evidences Stored by Counterintelligence

Time: 8:38 p.m. CEST

Photography, video and writing by Aleksandra Dukovska

A public prosecutor Lence Ristovska explains the obstacles after this prosecution obtained two court orders to enter inside the premises of the Department for security and counterintelligence in the Ministry of Interior in Skopje on October 20, 2016. 

The Public Prosecution for prosecution of related crimes of the illegal interception of communications expects of the Department of the security and counterintelligence to deliver necessary evidences and information as this special prosecution requested since yesterday. The head of the Prosecution for related crimes of the illegal interception of communication Katica Janeva and her team of the prosecutors are inside the Ministry of Interior, after they say that the Primary Court-Skopje1 in Skopje issued two court orders upon this prosecution ask.

During the afternoon, the public prosecutor Lence Ristovska talked to the reporters inside the Prosecution for the intercepted conversations. Ristovska said, this Public Prosecution requested two court orders. “One court order is to confiscate the official documentation of the Department, about the special investigative methods, intercepted communications,” Ristovska said. The second order is to inspect the computers and the computer software in use by the Department for security and counterintelligence.

Video highlights of the news conference at the Prosecution for illegally intercepted conversations.

Ristovska pointed out that all those data the prosecution requests by the Department for counterintelligence are of crucial importance for the work of this prosecution.

Last night the prosecutors from the prosecution, formed because of the political parties discussions and formalized with the Przino Agreement on July 15, 2015, claimed that officials of the Department postponed realization to the court orders, claiming that two officials who have the access to the advanced equipment are not in the country. Later, as Ristovska stated during the news conference on October 20, the Department said two officials who work with the equipment are in the country.

However, until 8:00 p.m. local time in Skopje, neither the Department officials, nor members of the Prosecution called for another news conference to update on possible developments on this issue.

According to the information presented at the news conference in Skopje, the prosecution contacted even the representative of the company, which installed the equipment in the Department for counterintelligence inside the Ministry of Interior. As the prosecutor Lence Ristovska explained, the prosecutors contacted the Swedish communication company to enable download of the data from the equipment. Considering the technology of the interception of communication, the Prosecution, created to investigate the reported intercepted conversations content, contacted even the two private telecommunication companies that run in Macedonia.

In the first part of the news conference, public prosecutor Fatime Fetai informed the public about two investigations this prosecution opens aside several others they started since the beginning of the year. One of the open investigations follows the procedure for baying the land for construction of an élite neighborhood near Skopje.

Statement of prosecutor Fatime Fetai on public procurement procedure investigation in the Ministry of Culture

The second investigation concerns the issue of the public procurement procedure inside the Ministry of culture with the construction company of Stip, which won the award not only to build the Museum of Macedonian struggle, but the public procurement for the construction works around the museum, which is part of the controversial “Skopje2014” project.

Former Minister of Transportation, Mile Janakievski denied any wrongdoing with the procedure for the élite neighborhood. Current Minister of Culture, Elizabeta Kancevska-Milevska organized news conference, where she denied the information given by the Prosecution about possible misconduct in the procedure of the public procurement.

Earlier in the summer, Kancevska gave her testimony to the prosecutors, while the prosecutors visited Ministry of Culture on October 18 and obtained procurement documentation.


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