Second Presidential Debate Reflects General Feeling Between Candidates

Time: 8:25 a.m. CEST

Comments after the second presidential debate agree on one issue, and that is, as the Politico open its segment about the outcome of the CNN moderated town hall with Democratic and Republican presidential nominee, “It was the ugliest debate in American history.”

The debate in a form of a town hall, brought no new insights in the topics relevant to the presidential elections in the United States, but rather confronted again the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton and the rival, and the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump on the issues that dominated in the news of the last 48 hours.

That was more than a decade-old tape, which the Washington Post released on Friday, which revealed some of the terms Trump used to describe advances on women, during recording of a show program. Politico says, “Legions of Republicans have abandoned his campaign in the last two days over lecherous remarks that moderator Anderson Cooper described to Trump on Sunday night as amounting to ‘sexual assault.’”

Both candidates exchanged accusations on several topics, including issues related to Islamic State, Clinton’s email use, Obamacare, recently released tape on Trump’s comments about women. The New York Times wrote that, “No single answer by Mr. Trump seemed sufficient to put to rest the controversy over his 2005 remarks. As much as he apologized, he did not confess or reveal anything new about his treatment of women over the years.”

The candidates talked about one of the big changes Obama administration undertook in the health care system and what they would do with the Affordable Care Act.

“I want to save very much what works and it is good about affordable care act, but we got get the cost down, we  got get to provide additional help to small business, they can afford to provide health insurance, but if we repealed as Donald has proposed, start over again, all of those benefits, I just mentioned are lost everybody, not just those people who get their health insurance on the exchange.”

Trump did not spare the words that Obamacare means a big burden on the budget and would request of Congress more fundings in the future. “Obamacare would never work. It is very bad, very bad health insurance, far too expensive. And not too expensive for those who have it, unbelievably expensive for our country. It will be one of the biggest items very shortly. We have to repeal it, with something much less expensive. Something that works, where your plan can be actually be tailored,” Trump said.

In the 90-minutes debate, both candidates exchange their opinions on other issues, but the social media reacted with disbelieves on points Trump made about foreign policy, prompting questions if he support Russia, Iran or Assad’s regime in Syria.


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