Colorful Revolution In Support For Special Public Prosecution

Time: 10:52 p.m. CEST

Photo, video and text by Aleksandra Dukovska

Video of the protests in support to the Special Public Prosecution

A tense atmosphere at the Assembly Commission for the Political System and the Relations with Communities about the report of Special Public Prosecutor brought the “Colorful Revolution” members, their supporters and members of the opposition on the street.

Few hundreds protesters gathered in front of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia to protest in support of the institution, which primal role is to investigate who is responsible for the reported intercepted conversations and to investigate the content of those reported talks. Few months after July 11, when “Colorful Revolution” protested at the Ministry of Finance, Pavle Bogoevski and his team gathered before the Parliament and appealed the path toward justice is unidirectional, through the Special Public Prosecution.

An activist of the “Colorful Revolution” Aleksandar Mladenovski, speaking from a makeshift stage said that “the Special Public Prosecution is the only non-corrupt institution in this country.” The lawyer, Zvonko Davidovik, asked of the existing judicial and prosecution institutions in Macedonia to respect the Prosecution for the intercepted conversations by allowing them access to the materials and cases. The protesters had only few slogans, and one of them was “Janeva-My Hero.”

A designated head of the Public Prosecution on the reported intercepted conversation Katica Janeva failed to appear at the protest on her behalf, although an hour before the protest, a head of this prosecution, Janeva left the Parliamentary Committee, where she presents a report of her work and has to respond to the MPs’ questions.

Although, the work of the commission had to end and Janeva could present the report on the plenary session, it did not happen due to the mutual accusation about what is Janeva’s scope of job. Members of the Parliament of all parliamentarian groups voted for the Law on prosecution on intercepted conversations and in support of Katica Janeva on September 15, 2015. After one year of work, Janeva submitted two indictments and reviewed only 12% of the received materials, which opposition SDSM president, Zoran Zaev disclosed it. The prosecution published second six months report on their website.

During the latest news conference at this prosecution, Janeva and her team of prosecutors and other staff requested of the Parliament to prolong the period for the investigations in more than 18 months, and to make a necessary changes in the Law on Witness Protected. In a statement of the former Prime minister, Nikola Gruevski to the media as a president of VMRO-DPMNE party, Gruevski stated Janeva cannot expect on their parliamentarians support for the requested changes. In the opening remarks to the Commission in the Assembly few days ago, Janeva stated that she has a support of Gruevski.



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