Charlotte Police to Release Video of Police Shooting of Keith Scott

Time: 11:22 p.m. CEST

Body-and dash-camera videos of the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott will be released Saturday by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department after days of mounting pressure to disclose them to the public, Chief Kerr Putney said, as Charlotte Observer publishes. “We are at a stage (of the investigation) that I can release more information,” Putney said. “It’s appropriate to do so….In the spirit of transparency, you are going to get everything we can deliver.” That includes the videos, which should be released by about 5:15 p.m.

Putney says the video police are releasing shows “absolute facts, which will not change.” But, he also said, no one piece of evidence can be used to infer everything surrounding what happened leading up to Scott’s death. Police had shown Scott’s family two videos Thursday. The family, through an attorney, requested they be immediately released to the public. “After watching the videos,” attorney Justin Bamberg said Thursday, “the family again has more questions than answers.”

Two other videos of the scene had come out on Friday: one that Scott’s wife, Rakeyia, took before, during and after the shooting; and another, unattributed, that shows police moving around Scott’s body afterward.

That shape does not seem to appear in Rakeyia Scott’s video, but an officer in a red shirt appears to step into that area, then anchor his left foot there as other officers move around the body.

Nationally, the calls increased; Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posted Friday on Twitter that they should be released “without delay.”

After fatal police shooting, residents of Charlotte and members of Black Lives Matter protest four nights. One of the protesters died during the riots and uncertainty which broke during the protests.

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