President Obama on Refugee Crisis: ‘History Would Judge Us Harshly’

Time: 11:29 p.m. CEST

“We all know that what is happening in Syria is unacceptable and we are not unified as we should be pushing to make it stop,“ Obama said.

President Barack Obama cautioned at the Refugee Summit he called in the United Nations the world is facing the crisis of epic proportions and compared the situation when Jews flee from Nazi Germany where not accepted. “History would judge us harshly if we do not act properly,” Obama said at the Refugee Summit, where leaders of the country facing the refugee crisis listen to his address. Obama called for this Summit in the wake of the crisis that imposes “one of the most urgent tests of our time.”

“We are facing crisis of epic proportions. More than 65 million people have been driven from their homes, which is more than any times since the Second World War. Among them are more than 22 million refugees fled their countries, and everything that they ever know, fleeing with their suitcase or the clothes on their back,” Obama said.

Obama said the crisis tests the world’s ability to end conflicts as most of the refugees come from the countries ravaged by war, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. “We all know that what is happening in Syria is unacceptable and we are not unified as we should be pushing to make it stop,“ Obama said. More than five years into the Syrian civil war the world could not come with the solutions to end the crisis and stop the suffering of the population that flees, including children. “I said today to the General Assembly, the mentality that allows for violence with impunity is something we cannot excuse,” Obama explained.

Addressing to the leaders Obama said, the majority of the refugees are hosted by just 10 countries, who are bearing very heavy burden; among them Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Ethiopia, countries that often have fewer resources than many of those who are doing little or nothing.

Obama named the current refugee crisis as the test of our humanity. “It is crisis of our shared security, not that refugees are our threat, refugees most of whom are women and children who are fleeing war and terrorism, victims, their families that want to be safe and to work, be good citizens, contribute to the country,” the president said.

The President explained that starting with the Fiscal year 2017, which should start in October, the United States would accept about 110.000 refugees, which is about 60 percent more than 2015.



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