Explosion in New York City Injures at lest 29, Second Home Made Device Found

Time: 9:36 a.m. CEST

The police closed part of Manhattan after an explosion coming from a dumpster on West 23 Street & 6th Avenue.

An explosion, which the New York Timesthe New York Times describes as “powerful,” injured at least 29 people in the New York City’s neighborhood Chelsea of Manhattan on Saturday night. The authorities believe that explosion was a homemade bomb, while Mayor Bill de Blasio called the explosion “an intentional act.” Four blocks away, the police removed a second device.

At about 8:30 p.m. local time in New York, the explosion caused the closing of larger part of Manhattan south of Midtown. “The Police Department said at 1:15 a.m. Sunday that 14th Street to 32nd Street was closed to traffic between Fifth and Eighth Avenues until further notice,” the New York Times reports.

Blasio excluded connection to terrorism, but the New York City Mayor said the investigation is in early stage, as the city a week ago marked the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. “Whatever the cause,” Mr. de Blasio said, “New Yorkers will not be intimidated.”

Although the injuries are significant, Blasio said, none of the injured is in life-threatening situation.

Shrapnels from the explosion injured people. The witnesses said the sound of the explosion seemed to have come from a sidewalk Dumpster on West 23rd Street near the Avenue of Americas. Images of a twisted Dumpster in the middle of 23rd Street quickly proliferated on Twitter.

A video from the scene earlier shows a man crossing the street in the direction where the device was found, but there are no clear evidence that anyone placed the device in the sidewalk before the explosion.

The official confirmed that on West27th Street police located other device, which looked as a pressure cooker similar to the one used in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. A senior police officer said the photographs on the social media with a silver piece of cookware with wires and a cellphone attached were authentic.

In Washington, the White House issued a brief statement saying that President Obama had been briefed on the developing situation in New York. “The president has been apprised of the explosion in New York City, the cause of which remains under investigation,” the statement said. “The president will be updated as additional information becomes available.”


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