Prosecution on Reported Intercepted Conversations to Submit Two Indictments, VMRO-DPMNE Reacts

Time: 1:27 p.m. CEST Update: 6:52 p.m. CEST

photo, video, text by Aleksandra Dukovska

Head of the Public Prosecution on the intercepted conversations Katica Jane holds new report on the work of the prosecution in the past six months, while prosecutors Fatime Fetai (R) and Lence Ristovska (L) wait to talk during the news conference in Skopje on September 15, 2016. 

With no names or specific functions and small details on two separate cases, the special prosecutors of the public prosecution for the intercepted conversations marked one year since the Parliament voted forming of the institution according to the July 15 Agreement.

The head of the Prosecution for the intercepted conversations, Katica Janeva announced on September 15 this institution would submit two indictments to the Criminal Court Skopje 1 in Skopje, on which the prosecution has enough evidences and could expect the sentences.

As the prosecutor Fatime Fetai explained during the news conference at the new premises of the prosecution, in the first case the prosecutors submit charges against seven people and in the second case they would pursue for the sentences for 14 people. On today’s news conference, the prosecutors refused to name the cases and people on which they would submit the charges.

However, from the data announced, special prosecutors would seek sentences in the case “Fortress” and in the case, which relates to the events during the protests in June 2013 at the offices of Municipality Center in Skopje.

The prosecutor Lence Ristovska confirmed the prosecution has listened only to 12% of the material, which the prosecution has and relates to the reported intercepted conversations in the period of 2008 to 2015.

Ristovska commented that the period of 18 months is not enough time for the investigations, while Janeva appealed to the Parliament to adopt the law on witness protected and enable the prosecution to enter into the core of the cases related to the conversations about Martin Neskovski’s death, case “Monster” and “Sopot.”

Statement of a prosecutor Lence Ristovska on Constitutional Court

This prosecution could not imply the decision of the Constitutional Court. “We think that the existence of this prosecution is in the interest of all residents in Republic of Macedonia and is in the interest of the political parties, to establish whether the crime exists and to sanction it.”

After the conference, VMRO-DPMNE party reacted with the statement on their web site to the claims of prosecutor Fetai related to the protests in June 2013 at the Municipality Center in Skopje.

“Prosecutor Fatime Fetai pulled out against all resident who decided to attend a protest against the attempts to stop the construction of the Church “St. Constantine and Elena,” and against the representatives of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and civil association “Veritas,” who opposed to the intentions of Andrej Zernovski and SDSM councilors in the municipality Center. “

At the news conference in the prosecution, Fetai did not specify the names in neither of the two cases. Fetai did not specify neither which former executive officials are on their list on submitted indictments.


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