US Embassy Marked National Service and Remembrance Day

Time: 10:40 p.m. CEST

The U.S. Ambassador Jess Baily reacts during the blood donation procedure in the event to recall on 9/11 victims, which is traditional event of the Embassy together with the Red Cross in Macedonia and Institute of Transfusion Medicine. 

The United States Embassy in Macedonia, located in Skopje marked the National Service and Remembrance Day on September 14 with traditional event of blood and food donations inside the embassy.

Volunteers, members of the Army of Republic of Macedonia, American residents who work in Skopje, members of universities voluntarily arrived to the Embassy for the blood donations. The Embassy marked eight years of this action, organized together with the Red Cross organization in Macedonia and with the Institute of Transfusion Medicine in Skopje.

Each year, about 100 people arrive and donate the blood during the remembrance and service day. This year, current Ambassador Jess Baily participated in the action by donating his blood after the short ceremony at the Embassy. Ambassador Baily explained the importance of the citizens after the 9/11 attacks in America and pointed out, “It is appropriate to remember 9/11, not just with remembrance, but with service.”

Baily used the occasion to make the note on the recent natural disasters, which hit the city and its area in the last month. “Here in Skopje in the last several months, we have seen terrible floods that devastated whole neighborhoods around the city. In recent days, we have seen tremors and earthquakes that have raised anxiety and created great fear among citizens.” The U.S. Ambassador said, all this remained him that in the face of disaster and uncertainty, “the only thing we can do, is to prepare.”

Red Cross in Macedonia every year participates with their volunteers in the event by offering help and assistance to those donating the blood. “Inspired with the need for solidarity and to help, that is the highest moral values that make us true and fulfilled persons,“ Sait Saiti, the president of the Red Cross said.

The nurses and medical crews of the Institute of Transfusion Medicine in Skopje collected the individual blood donations. Before donation, each donor has a brief examination of the pulse and blood pressure. Every year, since 2002 the number of donations collected during this event the number of individual donations rose.

“This is eight times to mark 9/11 with the blood donations. Our collaboration began with modest 68 blood donations and the last year we reach 304 voluntarily blood donations. In the actions of the remembrance of the 9/11 victims, we collected 907 blood donations,” Emilija Velkova of the Institute of Transfusion Medicine said.

The Embassy expects that this year would have a record of donations.



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