Political Process in Skopje Moves for Early Elections on December 11

Time: 9:27 p.m. CEST

The European Commissioner Johannes Hahn welcomed the achieved agreement in Skopje among the signatories of the Przino agreement with a tweet on his official Twitter account, requesting of the “leaders to tackle rule of law reforms and to get country back on EuroAtlantic path.”

The U.S. Ambassador in the country Jess Baily said that after the agreement on Wednesday, critical elements will be what the media and citizens will do.

The presidents of four parliamentarian political parties in Skopje late Wednesday agreed on the date for early elections, which was set for December 11. The presidents of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, of DUI, Ali Ahmeti and of DPA, Menduh Taci agreed for an elections in the winter after several postponement in the spring.

Earlier, Gruevski left the talks in Skopje giving the opportunity to the members of working groups for an agreement on the fifth person that will take part in the monitoring of the media in the period before the election.

After end of Wednesday negotiation talks, presidents of the political parties gave statements to the media. As Telegraf.mk publishes, president of VMRO-DPNE, Nikola Gruevski said he looks at the signature of SDSM with reserve. “After everything they had done in the past months, I took all their signatures with reserve, because we cannot be sure what could make.”

SDSM president Zoran Zaev statement leaves an open window to the opportunity for changing the outcome of the August 31 agreement if the situation deteriorates with possible intrusion by Gruevski and the possible merit decision of the Constitutional Court on the Prosecution for the reported intercepted conversations with the Constitution.

A five-member body will over watch the media together with the Agency for media, a regulatory state agency. SDSM suggested a person that will be editor-in-chief to the news program in the public broadcaster 100 days before the scheduled early election. Further developments will include new interim government, according to the solutions agreed with the Przino Agreement on July 15, 2015. SDSM will have technical ministers in the government, which could be elected in the Parliament, as early as Friday.


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