Migrant Saga “Fire at Sea” Won Onion Award At “MakeDox” Festival

Time: 9:05 a.m. CEST

The jury announces the Onion award for the “Fire at Sea” by Gianfranco Rosi. 

“Fire at Sea” won the Onion award at the “MakeDox” festival of creative documentaries, which is annual event supported by European funds and brings in Skopje some of the producers, and authors, mostly of the European soil. The seventh “MakeDox” closed last night with the screening of the movie “Fire at Sea,” and a concert by Cherkezi and the Party Tiger DJ at Kurshumli An in Skopje.

The jury for the Onion award, which was consisted by Don Edkins, producer of South Africa, Lena Pasanen, the director of the International Festival of Documentary and Animated Film in Leipzig, and Vladimir Gojun, film editor in Croatia, decided to award the migrant saga “Fire at Sea,” by the Italian director Gianfranco Rosi. Rosi was not in Skopje to receive the figurine in the wooden shape of onion, a symbol of the festival, but the viewers saw a written message from Rosi who thanked to the award. In their explanation for the award, the jury said, “the visual language of cinema film approaches important topic. The director skillfully deals with life and death, revealing to the audience, intimate layers of the crisis, which is taking place not far of us.”

Representative of Swedish Embassy receives the Young Onion award for the movie “Martha and Niki. ”

Young Onion award jury composed by Stefano Tealdi, producer and director from Italy, Iika Vahkaahti, an executive producer at the company Rough Cut Service, and Mila Turajlic, director and producer of Serbia gave the award to the Swedish director Tora Mortensen for the documentary “Martha and Niki.” The jury explained, “This is a special and skillfully made film about two girls, their friendship, the search for roots and existence in the male domination in the world of hip-hop.” The representative from the Swedish embassy received the award for the movie.

A movie director Claudia Tosi talks to the audience after she received the award for the ethical values for the movie “The Perfect Circle.”

“The Perfect Circle,” by Claudia Rosi won the award for the best ethical ideas. The jury on award for the best ethical ideas consisted by Vlatko Galevski, former movie critic writer, Katri Merikalio, Finnish journalist and activist for the wellbeing of children and Marianne Giza, educator from Germany said, “The film stands out because the sensitive issue in the story. Brand Ferro’s camera documents that that has gone. The movie creates a deeper understanding of the inevitable part of life-death,” the jury said.

“Pearl Button” by Patricio Guzman, who filmed a story about indigenous peoples of Patagonia, received special recognition for ethical ideas. In the category of the newcomers, special recognition was given to the movie “The ground we won,” by the writer Miriam Smith and the director Christopher Pryor. The juries gave special mention to the movie “Two childhoods,” by Vladmir Golovnev from Russia.

The movie “Arlette-Courage is a muscle,” by director Florian Hoffmann won the award Young Onion Seed given by the jury consisted by Natasa Petrovic, an actress of Macedonia, Voskresija Andreevska, a painter and a graphic designer and Ivan Shopov, a movie-script author. The representative from the German Embassy in Skopje received the award. Belgium movie “Market” by Simon Gillard won special recognition in the young onion seed category, thankfully to the unconventional narrative decision. Petra Selishkar, a documentary movie director and organizer of the festival said that this year they broke the record with sold tickets for the screenings. The spectators saw more than 60 movies in various categories.



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