“MakeDox” Attracts Audience With Outdoors Screening

Time: 7:22 p.m. CEST

IMG_0045 copy.JPG

“MakeDox” creative documentary festival in Skopje will continue on Thursday night before tomorrow’s closing and award ceremony, by showing several documentaries in various categories. The public will see “Varicella,” a movie by Viktor Kossarkovsky that brings a story about two sisters and their learning process to become Russian ballerinas.

Within the program called “Russian Snow, “ the public would see “Atlantis of Russian North.” The “Russian Snow” covers the country in focus, which this year is Russia.

In the main program the audience at the outdoors screening place in Kurshumli An in Skopje will see the Swedish movie “The Swedish theory of love,” Denmark’s “Bugs” by Andreas Johansen and coproduction, “The Perfect Circle” by Claudia Tosi.

During the fifth day of the festival, held outdoor in the Old Bazar in Skopje, the public enjoyed a 96-minute warm story about the early years of the famous European soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The movie that attracted the audience in the open-space auditorium saw a warm story about Swedish soccer striker Ibrahimovic, which father immigrated to Sweden from former Yugoslavia.

The movie tracks the early years in the career of the famous soccer player Ibrahimovic, who started to play in Sweden, then continue to the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. The authors filmed documentary during his early years, but they released the story in 2016, when Ibrahimovic had been already famous on the soccer field.

“We could have not known that he would become so big, it was a good character of a documentary. That is how we started, Magnus Gertten, one of the two co-directors of the documentary “Becoming Zlatan,” explained after the screening of the movie about the famous soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Before the screening of the movies, the guests in the festival participated in the conversations under the fig tree in Kurshumli An, where in a relaxed atmosphere they talked about the challenges of the documentaries creation process at European level, relations to the broadcasters and the creative process. “MakeDox” festival started in June 2010.


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