“MakeDox” Hosts Europe’s Storytellers, Producers, Film Makers

Time: 6:07 p.m. CEST

Iika Vehkalahti, a producer of Finland (R) talks on August 22 at Chifte amam during the workshop with Petra Selishkar (M) at “MakeDox” creative-documentaries festival, organized by Selishkar and cinematographer Brand Fero. Photo by Aleksandra Dukovska

MakeDox” film festival of creative documentaries continues with several chosen activities on Tuesday during the day and with the night screenings of documentary movies outdoors at the Kurshumli An in Skopje.

In the afternoon, Iika Vehkalahti, a producer of Finland offers a workshop, which the festival calls a master class, together with directors of the documentary movies at the festival. At the historic ambient of Chifte Amam, storytellers, mostly young European filmmakers can discuss and listen to the different approaches movie directors and producers of Europe have in making their documentary movies.

Yesterday, Vehkalahti talked together with movie director and organizer of the “MakeDox” festival, Petra Selishkar about her latest movie screened during the opening night of the festival. Selishkar spoke about the process of making the documentary movie “My world is upside down,” and what challenges she faced when she began to dig through the archive materials on her-movie subject, Slovenian actor and comedian Frane Milcinski-Jezek. Selishkar explained the eight-years of process in making of the movies, video edited only with archive materials on deceased Jezek, sometimes restored from the old archive materials and combined with new shots of music with musical group-performers.

Vehkalahti opened the discussion related to the movie-editing process and shared three different beginnings of Selishkar’s movie and of the musical documentary “Lyari Notes,” which speaks about one music school in town of Lyari, one of the eighteen constituent town in Karachi, Pakistan. As a producer with large number of documentaries, Vehkalahti shared his view that the documentary maker should love their audience and explained some of his insights how to make through the creative process and yet be skilled to bewilder the public.

The documentary program of the festival offers 63 movies in different categories. On Tuesday, the audience will see couple of films in the newcomer’s category, “Russian snow,” category that is selection of a movie of the country in focus, and three movies in the main category.

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