“Martha & Niki” Endless Friendship and World-Dance Travel

Time: 12:23 p.m. CEST Update: 6:29 p.m. CEST

MD 2016 WarmUp 01
“MakeDox” warm up started with screening of the movie “Martha & Niki” in the Skopje’s City Park on August 18, 2016. Photo: Courtesy of “MakeDox”

“Martha & Niki” documentary by the Swedish filmmaker and still photographer Tora Martens is endless travel through the friendship and a collaborative process of the two young African women, adopted as children in Sweden. A movie, which opens with a shot of the international completion Just Debout (Just Standing) follows the process of travel and work of two hip-hop dancers, while winning the competitions in which male dancers compete with the two female dancers. Dance is the language of the world, which does not need direct translator, opens many cultural doors and creates new bonds with the different cultures and spaces. Both, Martha & Niki, discus the process of their work, stage performance, meaning of the dance, while traveling in France, the U.S., Cuba, South Africa, and Europe. Marten’s documentary on two African women, adopted in Sweden, depicts established bond between new culture and homeland countries through out a dance. From the cold Brooklyn, hectic Paris, astonishing Cuba, sun-covered Greece, Martens explore layers of friendship, competition and pursue for happiness. The friendship is on test, but the bond, which was created, made these hip-hop dancers example of integration through culture, music and dance. “MakeDox” creative documentaries festival in Skopje screened the movie about Martha Nabwire and Niki Tsapos participation at the Just Debout international competition in 2010 at the “Shell” stage in Skopje’s City Park in the warmup part of festival that will open on August 20.


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