MakeDox Festival To Offer Visual World Travel in Skopje Staring August 20

Time: 9:48 a.m. CEST Update: 2:36 p.m. CEST

RU Varicella Stills (8).jpg
A still from the documentary “Varicella”, which shows seven-year-old Polina and her 13-year-old sister Nastia live and breathe ballet. Studying ballet at a prestigious dance academy, they are willing to do everything it takes to become masterful dancers. (Photo, courtesy of MakeDox)

“MakeDox” Festival of creative documentaries will begin on August 20 to 26 on several locations in Skopje, but mostly at the Kurshumli An open space at the Old Bazar, as one of the traditional places for the festival, which is local effort supported with the European Union’s finance since 2010.

The festival will open on August 20 with the movie of the organizer of the festival and documentary movie director, Petra Selishkar, “My world is upside down,” which is Slovenian-Macedonian-Croatian coproduction. Selishkar said that this year festival brings “extraordinary small stories, which are not talking about big heroes, but are talking about us, ordinary people who has own stories.”

The festival, which was usually held in June, this time moved in August, would offer 63 selected films into five programs.

“We are in the 7th year of the Festival, in which we invest a lot of energy and passion. This year we are growing in the number of films, 63 and the number of guests, 53,“ Kirijana Nikolovska from MakeDox said during the news conference on Wednesday. Nikolovska said many of the guests are the authors of the movies.

Members of the “MakeDox” festival talk during the news conference at Kurshumli An in Skopje on August 17, 2016.
Members of the “MakeDox” festival talk during the news conference at Kurshumli An in Skopje on August 17, 2016. Photo by Aleksandra Dukovska

As in the earlier years, one world country is country in focus with their production during the days of the festival. This year, the country in focus is Russia and the festival offers the program under the title “Russian Snow.”

The authors of short and long documentaries will offer visual travel to the viewers to the Siberian villages, story of two sisters and their advancement in the Russian’s ballerinas Academy. The program offers six contemporary Russian authors and their visual communication.

The viewers would see the work of Sofia Gorlenko, Victor Kosakovski Svetlana Demidova, Dmitry Sidorov, Vladimir Golovnev, Anna Skewers and Tatyana Soboleva. Another program will be those of the short documentaries, where selectors in the festival decided to offer 10 short films with ranges of stories, which include group portraits, personal passions, real and imagined world.

The festival in the program includes “Ballad of frogs,” by Leonor Telles. The movie was the winner of the “Golden Bear” award for short film at the 2016 International Film Festival in Berlin.

As pre-announced by the festival in days before Wednesday news conference, the film selection includes films giving the view of the life in a village, story of Bangladesh, life after the Egypt’s 2011 revolution and comparison between former Yugoslav and Swiss standards.

The “MakeDox” Festival each year give awards, creatively named as “Onion” – for the best film in the main program, “Young onions” – for best film at the new author, “Kokarche” – Best Student Film Award for the film, and for best ethical ideas of all programming selections.

Volunteers clean the area for the new outdoors screening area in the category of student films.

“MakeDox” is introducing the category in student films, which screening will be on the new location between Kurshumli An and other museums in Skopje.

Text by: PR release of MakeDox on Macedonian language, adapted for the blog by Aleksandra Dukovska


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