National Guard Activated After Unrest In Milwaukee

Time: 11:50 p.m. CEST

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker activated the National Guard on Sunday in help of the Milwaukee Police Department to deal with the violence in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park after a fatal police shooting, the USA Today writes on Sunday. Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. requested the activation of the National Guard after the meetings with Mayor Tom Barett and Major General Donald Dunbar.

Barrett said 125 National Guard members had been activated, but would not be deployed unless  Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn determine they were needed.

The unrest happened after a police officer killed the man, which police identified as Sylville K. Smith, 23. Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said the police officer was wearing body camera, which showed Smith was armed, and that Smith “turned toward the officer with the gun after being told to drop the weapon,” the USA Today reports from the Sunday afternoon news conference.

Mayor Tom Barret said at the news conference, he wants, “The community to know that the individual had a gun.” But, as CNN reports, Barret said, “A young man lost his life yesterday afternoon. And, no matter what the circumstances, his family must be hurting.”

The Wisconsin Department of Justice will lead the investigation by the state law.

During Saturday night and early Sunday protests, CNN reports that protesters burned six business, including a gas station, and threw rocks at police, leaving four officers injured, seven police vehicles damaged and 17 people arrested.  “Last night was unlike anything I’ve seen. I hope I never see it again,” Barrett said. Barrett commended police for their handling of the protests. Police did not fire any shots, but a stray round fired from the crowd hit a 16-year-old, leaving her with non-life threatening injuries.


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