Taliban Claimed Truck Attack on Foreign Compound in Kabul

Time: 10:07 a.m. CEST

Afghan police patrol stands close to the site of the blast.(Reuters photo via url of Al Jazeera )

One police officer died and four were injured in a massive truck bomb attack by the Taliban close to a military and logistics services compound early on Monday in Kabul. Taliban claimed the responsibility for the attack in which one of the attackers died and police killed two others.

Taliban tried to reach the Northgate Hotel, which hosts foreign military and civilian organizations, but General Abdul Rahman Rahimi, a head of the Kabul police said, “No harm, or casualties were inflicted to national or foreign residents within Northgate.”

To the contrary, in a statement Taliban claimed the attack had caused dozens of casualties and that their fighters entered the compound. Reuters comments that Islamist group often exaggerates the extent of the attacks against the Afghan government and the foreign security targets. Security forces closed the streets around the site located east of Kabul’s main international airport.

The blast left Kabul with power outages in several areas in the city. Occasional explosions were still heard as the day broke, the media report. In June, a bombing occurred of a busload of Nepalese security contractors and in January a suicide attack happened on Camp Baron, used by foreign contractors.


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