Dozen Injured after Syrian Refugee Detonated Bomb in Germany

Time: 12:36 p.m. CEST

A denied entry to the Ansbach Open music festival ended with the blowing up of a bomb outside the event in Bavaria in Germany, the media report.

Details on the tragic incident, in which a dozen people were wounded and three were injured seriously, say a 27-year-old Syrian man detonated a bomb outside the festival area, close to the restaurant called Eugens Weinstube.

Authorities in Germany denied his asylum request, but he could not fear the deportation because ongoing civil war in Syria. Despite that he detonated a bomb, which was packed in the backpack.

This incident could influence the opinion of the public toward Chancellor Merkel’s open- door policy toward refugees. More than a million refugees and migrants arrived in Germany since the beginning of the war in Syria and conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The government in Bavaria will meet on Tuesday to discuss the measures to strengthen the police forces with adequate equipment.

The recent incident is the fourth violent attack in the country happened in the last seven days. On Sunday, the police arrested another refugee after the car hit him in the aftermath of the attack he committed with a machete in the southwestern city of Reutlingen, close to Stuttgart. He killed a pregnant woman and wounded two people.

Earlier on Friday, a deranged 18-year-old Iranian-German gunman in Munich killed nine people in Munich. Reuters writes that U.S. sources said, “The bombing did not appear to be a well-planned operation and could well turn out to be the act of another deranged individual.”

Police ruled out connections among Islamic State group, attack with a machete and shooting in Munich. In July, Islamic State militants said they are behind the Wuerzburg attack and the Bastille Day’s attack in Nice, where a man with Tunisian origin killed 84 after he drove a truck in the celebrating crowd.


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