Turkish Coup Attempt has been ‘repelled’, Hundreds of Deaths Reported

Time: 10:23 p.m. CEST

After the confusing, conflicting and bloody night, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan early Saturday announced the government took the control and that an attempted military coup was over and the government was in charge. Minutes ago, Turkish Prime minister Binali Yildirm also repeated the message the Turkish government has a control over the situation.

Until the early morning the sounds of the fighting were reported in Ankara and Istanbul as an aftermath of what looks like chaotic attempt by the part of the military to wrest control from Erdogan.

Independent Nar Photo Agency posted several images from the attempted court, telling “a group of the Turkish army claimed to be in charge of the country by sending an email to journalists. The group accused the government of eroding Turkey’s secular traditions.”

But, some others, like the opinion writer for the New York Time, Mustafa Akyol said the attempted coup  had not much to do with “Islamist vs.secularists.”

In the chaotic and tense night with sporadic gunfires and bullets from the helicopters in the air, part of the military tried to overtake the control in Turkey by taking the control over the significant infrastructures, government institutions, national and even international media branches in Turkey. After the challenging night, the death toll as reported is 194, including 104  “coup plotters.”  More than 1000 are arrested. Hurryiet Daily News cites military who blamed the Gulenist for the coup attempt in which 194 died.

In the most dramatic and horrific developments in Turkey since Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party, AKP established in Turkey, there was a sense of the unanimity between series of dissidents, journalists, politicians and citizens, who openly opposed to the topping of the government.

Five generals and 29 colonels are relieved of their duty, according to Turkey’s Interior Ministry, and several high court judges are also being questioned. At least one air force base in the country is still in control of the insurgents, according to the ministry. State-run news agency says some 200 unarmed soldiers leave Turkey’s military headquarters, surrender to police.

During the night less independent information come out of Turkey, but the social media brought videos and photos of the tense situations and people purring on the streets, mostly in Istanbul and Ankara. The President of the Red Crescent in Turkey Kerem Kinik tweeted that 800 people are hospitalized in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, and 200 people in Istanbul, CNN reported.
About 754 people have been arrested following the coup attempt, the Turkish state news agency Anadolu reports, citing the Interior Ministry. Part of the military, which claimed the attempted coup targeted key institutions, the Parliament, the Turkish National Intelligence Organization, MIT, media, airports. After several explosions during the night, Omer Celik, Turkey’s EU negotiator, posted images on Twitter showing damages at the Turkish Parliament. Here is the preview of his Tweet.

After the midnight, troops entered the CNN Turk control room, while “CNN Turk anchor said on the air, ‘That’s it, we now have to go.’” The studio is reportedly emptied out, while the camera still records. The Associated Press reported police and military exchange fire in Istanbul’s Taksim Square and that large explosion was heard.

The coup attempters hit by bomb Turkish parliament, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency said. Deputies in parliament also confirmed an explosion.  Further explosions were heard during a livecast broadcasting from the general assembly of the parliament, which was evacuated. The plotters killed 17 policemen in an attack on the Gölbaşı Special Forces Department hearquartens in the Turkish capital of Ankara, according to the website of Hürriyet.

The state-run Anadolu Agency says a bomb has hit the Turkish parliament in Ankara. CNN-Turk television reported some police officers and parliament workers were hurt in the bomb attack.

Turkish national intelligence spokesman says coup attempt has been “repelled,” the Associated Press reports. MIT spokesman Nuh Yilmaz said that Gen. Hulusi Akar, the military chief of staff, was back in control. Yilmaz said “Gen. Akar is back on top of his duties.” He added: “everything is returning to normal.”

Turkish state broadcaster TRT, which was taken over by a faction of the military that was part of the coup attempt, is back in government control.

Earlier, State Department said Martial law and a curfew have been imposed in Turkey, but the flow of information posted on the social media show conflicting reports on what is happening in Turkey. State-run Anadolu Agency says, 17 police officers killed in helicopter attack on police special forces’ headquarters near Ankara, the Associated Press reports.

At the iconic Istanbul’s Taksim Square, pro and against the attempted coup gathered, but some army personnels moved into the area, as reported on the social media. The military has taken position at the base of the Taksim monument at Taksim square in Istanbul, occasionally firing into the air to disperse a growing crowd of government supporters. Military helicopters are flying overhead and many police are in position, separate from the military. Meanwhile, a nearby mosque just made an anti-coup announcement.

Loud explosions were heard earlier in Turkey’s capital after the military said it seized full control of the country.

Turkey’s Istanbul-based first army commander says the soldiers involved in an attempted coup “represent a small group” and “there is no cause for concern,” according to the state-run Anadolu Agency. An earlier statement attributed to the military said that Turkish armed forces have “fully seized control” of the country.

But First Army Commander Umit Dundar told Anadolu that “we are working to solve the problem here. They represent a small group within the First Army Command. There is no cause for concern. We are taking the necessary precautions with (soldiers) who have not joined them and remain within the military chain of command.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on citizens to take to the streets in a show of support for the government.

The President  Barack Obama spoke tonight by phone with Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the events in Turkey. The President and Secretary agreed that all parties in Turkey should support the democratically-elected Government of Turkey, show restraint, and avoid any violence or bloodshed. The Secretary underscored that the State Department will continue to focus on the safety and security of U.S. citizens in Turkey. The President asked the Secretary to continue to keep him updated as the situation unfolds.


Turkey’s armed forces “fully seized control” of the country Friday, according to a statement from the military published by a Turkish news agency, as gunfire was heard outside military headquarters, fighter jets buzzed over the capital and vehicles blocked two major bridges in Istanbul, Susan Fraser reports of Istanbul for the Associated Press. The prime minister, however, said there was an “attempt” at a coup.

Turkey’s prime minister says a group within Turkey’s military has engaged in what appeared to be an attempted coup. Binali Yildirim told NTV television: “it is correct that there was an attempt.” Yildirim didn’t provide details, but said Turkey would never allow any “initiative that would interrupt democracy.”

Earlier, military jets were heard flying over the capital, Ankara.

Yildirim didn’t provide details, but said Turkey would never allow any “initiative that would interrupt democracy.”

“We are focusing on the possibility of an attempt (coup),” Yildirim said. “There was an illegal act by a group within the military that was acting out of the chain of military command. Our people should know that we will not allow any activity that would harm democracy.”

Earlier, military jets were heard flying over the capital, Ankara. Media reports said ambulances were seen in front of the Turkish military headquarters. NTV is reporting that helicopters are also flying over headquarters in Ankara.

“There are certain groups who took the arms trusted to them by the state and pointed them toward state employees,” Yildirim said. “We shall determine soon who they are. Our security forces have acted against these groups.”

The Dogan news agency says one-way traffic on the Bosporus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges were blocked. Video footage showed the bridge being blocked by military vehicles.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was reported to be safe, however the official Anadolu Agency reported that the Turkish Chief of Staff Hulusi Akar was taken hostage by a group within the military, Turkish pro-government Daily Sabah said. The online edition of the newspaper says, Yıldırım didn’t provide details, but said Turkey would never allow any “initiative that would interrupt democracy.”

“Those who are in this illegal act will pay the highest price,” he added.

Secretary of State John Kerry says he hopes for stability, peace, continuity in Turkey as coup apparently under way, the Associated Press posted on Twitter from Moscow, where Kerry it is on the official visit to Russia to discus the possibilities of cooperation in Syria.


NATO’s chief has called for “full respect” for Turkey’s democratic institutions and constitution. “I have just spoken to the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement issued early Saturday. “I am following events in Turkey closely and with concern.”

Soldiers are inside the buildings of the Turkish state broadcaster TRT in the country’s capital Ankara, a correspondent for that outlet tells the Reuters news agency. Reuters were first to inform about the attempt for the coup in Turkey.
The head of the Istanbul branch of Turkey’s ruling AK party says soldiers entered the party building and asked them to leave, CNN Turk reports, as the Guardian writes.

A group naming itself “Peace in the Country Council,” published a statement on Turkey’s state-run broatcaster TRT, which it had taken over during the July 15 coup attempt, that it has taken the power in the country. The statement said the group so-called council will trial at “fair courts” all those “have betrayed the country.  The so-called council also declared a curfew. A CNNTürk reporter said a helicopter shoot on the General Staff headquarters in Ankara.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a  iPhone interview using FaceTime on broadcaster CNNTürk that a “minority group” in the military has attempted a coup, Hurryiet Daily news reports. Erdoğan said the parallel state, referring to the followers of the U.S.-based scholar Fethullah Gülen, has promoted the attempt.

“We will not leave the ground to them,” he said, vowing to end the “occupation” by the group, called on nation to unite at squares and airports. Erdoğen said he would also be on the streets.

The movement of the U.S.-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen has denied any involvement in the Turkish military coup attempt. The Alliance for Shared Values says “we condemn any military intervention in (the) domestic politics of Turkey.”

The two opposition parties have announced their stance against the military coup attempt late July 15 amid news reports that a group within the army attempted to stage a coup on late July 15.

“This country had suffered a lot from the coups. We do not these difficulties be repeated,” Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) said in a written statement. He stressed that the CHP will protect the Republic and democracy, saying “It should be known that the CHP fully depends on the free will of the people as indispensable of our parliamentary democracy.”

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli phoned to Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım after news broke, expressing his party’s support to the democracy and free will of the people.




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