Victoria Nuland Visited Skopje, Macedonia

Time: 4:38 p.m. CEST

After short official visit to Skopje, Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasian affairs, Victoria Nuland left Skopje and continue to Belgrade. In Skopje, as the Twitter account of the United States Embassy in Skopje posted recently, Nuland met with presidents of four political parties in Skopje. In the morning, Nuland met with the presidents of two main Albanian parties DUI and DPA inside the US Embassy.

After separate meetings with Ali Ahmeti and Menduh Taci, Nuland visited the headquarters of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, where he met separately Zoran Zaev and Nikola Gruevski. During the short-news conference in Skopje at the Embassy, Nuland expressed optimism for a speedy solution to the political crisis.

“Today I saw all four major party leaders, and I have to say that I leave Skopje encouraged by what I have heard—that in coming days, we hope, the negotiating teams can join around the ideas that are on the table now and chart a course towards elections. This is obviously going to take political will on all sides,” Nuland stated.

The U.S. is supporting the work the Special Prosecutor and her office are doing. “In terms of additional support structures, there are a lot of ideas out there. I think what is important is that the system be clean, be accountable and be effective,” Nuland stated in Skopje as the remarks of the State Department said.

Here is the video of the U.S. delegation leaving the Embassy of US in Skopje, recorded on Monday, July 11, 2016.


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