Colorful’s Painted Back Entrance Of Ministry of Finance in Skopje

Time: 11:38 p.m. CEST

The latest target of the “Colorful Revolution” protests in Skopje was the anger over the movement of the current government in Macedonia and its Ministry of Finance to issue a eurobond in the international financial market and international creditors in value of 650 million euros. Prominent opposition figures, former deputy in the Ministry of Finance from the opposition SDSM, Kire Naumov and residents of Skopje clashed with the riot police in the passage close to the new baroque building of the Ministry.

Some of the members of the “Colorful Revolution” walked with their t-shirt stretched after scuffles with riot police officers, but after it where greeted by young girls with hugs and kisses on the street “Dame Gruev” in Skopje. That could speak for their popularity, even among the members of  some protesting public administration workers.

After several warm hours and attempts to broke the police cordons, people arrived at the building. The final result of the Monday’s protest made some members of the “Colorful Revolution” extremely jubilant after the police did not react to the throwing of pain at the back-door entrance of the Ministry. However, the riot-police cordons stood calm and protests ended peacefully.


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