President Obama: NATO at ‘Pivotal Moment’

Time: 10:30 p.m. CEST

Despite the challenging situation in the United States after deaths of citizens and police officers, President Barack Obama reassured the partners in Europe during his last NATO summit as current president, that what will never change is the unwavering commitment of the U.S. to the security and defense of Europe. The period after the United Kingdom vote to leave European Union has raised the question about the future of the European integration. Regardless, collective defense remains key posture of NATO alliance.

“Here in Europe, this is a pivotal moment for our alliance,” Obama said. The President explained that, “in a nearly 70 years of NATO perhaps never we face such of range of challenges all of once, security, humanitarian, political. NATO nations, US, Canada, Belgium and Turkey, have endured heinous terrorists attacks directed or inspired by ISIL.”

At the news conference in Warsaw, Poland, Obama recalled on some persisting issues that challenged the alliance. As final points after the two-day summit, Obama said that, “Russia has violated sovereignty of an independent European nation, Ukraine and engaged in provocative behavior toward our allies. European borders and economies have been tested by millions of migrants fleeing conflicts and deprivation.”

Obama pointed out that the allies are strengthening NATO security and deterrence posture, “Building on European reassurance initiative, which is already increased readiness from the Baltics to the Black Sea.” The president explained that, “our alliance would enhance our forward presence on our eastern flank. The US will be the lead nation, here in Poland deploying battalion of American soldiers. The UK will lead in Estonia, Germany in Letonia, and Canada in Latvia.”

As Obama stated, “this would mean some 4,000 NATO additional troops on a rotational bases in this region, moreover, the additional U.S. armed brigade will brought in Europe an additional 4,000 U.S. troops.”

NATO agreed, as Obama explained, to deterrence measure to Romania and Bulgaria. “NATO is sending key message that we are going to defend every ally. NATO joint task force is now operational and it can deploy anywhere upon a short notices,” Obama stated.

Obama said that, “Even is NATO-Russia council will meet next week, 28 nations are united in the view that it can be no business as usual with Russia until fully implements its Minsk obligations.”

This was the last NATO summit for Obama as a president of the United States, which he ended with the largely visited and attended news conference with crowed reporters and photojournalist. His final words before he left the podium, where he talked for more than one hour, where, “Thank you very much, thank you Poland.” Before that, Obama emphasized the notion that NATO “stopped collective decline in defense spending.”

Obama will have an official visit to Spain, but it will end the official visit of the kingdom on Sunday night, a day earlier than planned


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