Josh Earnest: ‘Racial Disparities Does not Diminish Service of Law-Enforcements’

Time: 12:01 a.m. CEST

The White House press secretary, Josh Earnest commented from the Warsaw, Poland, where the President Barack Obama is attending NATO Summit, the tragic incident in Dallas, where a lone gunman opened fire to the police officers during the protest of Black Lives Matter.

Earnest was explaining Obama’s last night address, where the president was commenting on the existing racial disparities in the U.S after the recent shootings and deaths of the African-American citizens in Minnesota and Louisiana. Considering the address was before the tragic incident in Dallas, Earnest on Friday addressed issues related to the most recent incident, in which five police officers died in Dallas.

“The president was interested in making clear to acknowledge the reality of the persistent racial disparities in our criminal justice system does not diminish the service and sacrifice of the vast majority of the law-enforcements who are doing outstanding job,” Earnest stated in Warsaw.

Earnest addressed the issue of ability of some people to obtain the guns, but this time pledged for the unity in the solving the problem. “The President felt important to make that point precisely because it is a tendency in the aftermath of this high-profile incidents for people to engage in a kind of political rhetoric that ends up dividing people. Those kinds of divisions are result of some of that rhetoric, are basic obstacles for our ability as a country to solve the problem,” Earnests said.


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