Important Support for Trans-Atlantic Cooperation at NATO Summit in Poland

Time: 11:26 p.m. CEST


Montenegro is joining NATO at this NATO Summit.

The United Kingdom will remain a major contributor to the European security, the United States President Barack Obama said on Friday during the first day of the NATO Summit in Warsaw, Poland after NATO and the European Union signed a deal, which focuses on the perceived threat from Russia. The UK is the country which military budget is 2% of the GDP, one of the requirements for member states.

The White House message from the NATO Summit in Poland is that, there would be no change in the solidarity of this alliance after Brexit. President Obama expressed hopes for an “orderly” UK transition from the EU, while the UK Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK would not “turn its back” on European defense after Brexit referendum. NATO decided to send four battalions to the region with troops from four nations. Under the NATO umbrella, the U.S. would send additional 1,000 U.S. troops in Poland.

The joint declaration should accelerate working together against “hybrid threats,” which include propaganda and psychological campaigns, cyber-attacks, political, economic and energy pressure. NATO will pledge its support to the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“NATO does not seek confrontation,” its chief Jens Stoltenberg said, vowing continued dialogue with Russia. “We don’t want a new Cold War. The Cold War is history and it should remain history.” Russia’s ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grushko, warned of a risk of a “spiral of confrontation”, by building a “new Iron Curtain”. He told the BBC that the decision would lead to “military consequences”.

Deputy national security adviser to the President Obama, Ben Rhodes explained during the news briefing in Warsaw, “European security is fundamental for our own security and having this troop presence in Poland, additional presence along the eastern border of the Baltic countries reaffirms that we are going to fulfill alliance commitments under Article 5 to defend every ally.”

Rhodes reaffirmed the NATO’s open-door policy and said, “Montenegro is joining NATO at this Summit, which indicates NATO continues to grow. But, Rhodes said, “While we have an open door policy, I could not tell you today that anyone country after Montenegro, that is ready to be member of NATO,” upon the questions what US can do for other countries, for example Finland, Georgia and Ukraine to become alliance members. Rhodes commented that recent visit of Secretary of State John Kerry to Georgia and Ukraine, express our continued close relations with those two countries.


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