NGO Coalition Demand To Easy Negotiation Process For Political Talks

Time: 7:49 p.m. CEST

More than 80 non-governmental organizations requested on Thursday their representatives to participate in the current political talks for the political crisis solution in Macedonia, but it said are not requesting the decisive role in the negotiation process. Representatives of 88 various organizations submitted written request to the Delegation of the European Union in Skopje, the United States Embassy in Macedonia and four main parliamentary parties in Skopje.

Several representatives held a news conference outside the shared building of the EU Info Centre and EU Delegation in Skopje. In the statement, addressed to the public also, NGO’s demand of the international community included in the negotiations to reach the decisions for the direct participation of the civil sector representatives in the current political discussions and talks.

Sonja Bogatinovska stated, “the citizens were discontent of the transparency in the negotiations and lack of the possibility to help the process.”

The key segment is assistance to the process. “Monitoring of the negotiation process, considering the principles of the non-governmental organizations work,” Petrit Saracini stated.

After more than 80 days of active protests, the NGO’s want to serve as a communication channel. “The protest movement could be a communicational channel for all included participants could suggest their expertise,” Filip Jovanovski stated.

“Our organizations, groups, coalitions and movements could offer all their capacities and are ready to participate in the solving of the crisis through expert analysis and suggestions,“ the statement says.

Overall, the citizens are discontent with the lack of the transparency in the negotiations and the lack of the possibilities to contribute and help the current negotiation process. The representatives of the NGO’s say their goal is “to ensure conditions for fair and credible elections,” trustworthy of the citizens.

NGO’s require more transparency, clarity and information in presentation of the negotiation outcomes to the citizens. “The citizens’ participation is key for the solution to the crisis due the various reasons,” the statement says.

Here are the four reasons for the NGO’s inclusiveness in the process, according to the statement.

  • Monitoring of the negotiation process, considering the principles of the non-governmental organizations work, independence, transparency and public, non-profit work, non-partisan work and initiative in the public life
  • Will guarantee accurate, full and reliable presentation of the information of the negotiation process
  • Will enable variety of opinions
  • All citizens’ coalitions and independent experts would offer their expertise and it will offer the solutions, which the political parties would not consider otherwise.




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