Colorful Revolution Protested Aside Heavy Rain and Large Police Presence

Time: 11: 52  p.m. CEST

Torrential summer rain in Skopje did not stop protesters gathered in front of the offices of the Special Prosecution in the city to protest against the injustice and to request of the Constitutional Court to discus the initiative for the constitutionality of the newly created institutions to investigate the content of the reported intercepted conversations, disclosed by the police. Members of the movement “Colorful Revolution,” which are protesting more than 80 days, together with the opposition and other residents of Skopje walked on the rain toward the building of the government in Skopje.

But, when they saw the several riot police cordons and armored vehicles, they crossed toward the bridge “Goce Delcev” in Skopje and made several speeches in front of the police cordon. After short scuffles, situation ended with mothers of some protesters talking to their daughters in the protesters line. Even though, deployed riot police was in heavy presence, no bigger incident happened. Members of the opposition and students from the Student Plenum addressed their persistent issues and after the short speech of Pavle Bogoevski from the “Colorful Revolution” to the Rapid Development Unit, the protest ended peacefully.

With a silence, protesters and student activists payed respect to the four-year-old Almir Ali, who succumbed to the injuries after a car in Kumanovo hit the child and his family after the reported incident the local medical institution.

Protest BeginsArmored Vehicles_PeoplePolice_PeopleHands_PoliceProtesters_Walk


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