Peaceful Protest In Kumanovo After 4-Year-Old Child Death

Time: 9:11 p.m. CEST

Video of AlsatM TV of Monday’s protest in Kumanovo after the death of a child.

Almir Ali, a four-year-old child of Kumanovo is no longer with us after he lost the battle and succumbed to the injuries after one person hit Almir and his family with the automobile “Mercedes” on June 25. Four-year-old Almir, which should have a life of a careless child in Kumanovo, now is resting underground. Unclear developments in Kumanovo’s emergency ambulance and probably tense conversations led to the death of this child. Almir’s father and mother are injured when a car of a person from the same town in Macedonia probably intentionally hit the family toward the end of June.

Albanians in Kumanovo on Monday protested peacefully and requested stop against violence on children as two involved families on Sunday requested from the community and appealed to the court to resolve the issue and penalize those responsible for the death of a child. Police in Kumanovo submitted charges for five persons on June 26. Boban Ilik, which is now under 30-day detention upon request of the Kumanovo’s prosecution and the decision of Kumanovo’s judge of the preliminary proceedings, faces “murder” charges under Article 123 of the Criminal Code.

The burial of little Almir was on Saturday according to the local Muslim customs, with only male relatives and family attending the farewell of the body in the small casket. The disagreements inside the ambulance, which continued outside the emergency room ended fatally for this child. In a multi-ethnic environment, people in Kumanovo resisted making ethnic case of the death, but the social media and people strongly commented the lost of the innocent life after verbal arguments between people of two different nationalities.

WARNING: A link to GRAPHIC CCTV video of a car hitting the family in the side street, published by Telegrafi on Albanian language. I could not independently confirm the authenticity of the video.


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