Two blasts in Baghdad killed at least 115 people

Time: 1:54 p.m. CEST Update: 7:35 p.m. CEST

Two separate bomb attacks in Baghdad on Sunday morning killed at least 115 people and wounded 200 others, according to the Iraqi officials. The Associated Press reports, a car bomb hit Karada, a busy shopping district. According to the police and hospital officials 78 people died and 160 were injured, including children victims. The attack happened during the breaking of the daylight fast during holy month of Ramadan.

Islamic State group claimed the responsibility for the attack with an online statement, claiming they had deliberately targeted Shiite Muslims. This statement, says the AP, “could not be independently verified.” An improvised explosive device exploded in eastern Baghdad.

That blast, on which no group claimed responsibility, killed five people and wounded 16. An angry crowd called Iraq’s Prime minister Haider al-Abadi a “thief” and shouted at his convoy after he arrived at the blast site.

The attacks happen after Iraqi forces declared city of Fallujah “fully liberated” from Islamic State. Iraq says that control is only 14 percent of the Iraqi territory. Islamic State militants still controls Mosul.

The White House condemned the bombings. “These attacks only strengthen our resolve to support Iraqi security forces as they continue to take back territory from ISIL, just as we continue to intensify our efforts to root out ISIL’s terrorist network and leaders,” National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.



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