Peaceful Protest of Colorful Revolution in Skopje

Time: 11:16 p.m. CEST

Activist Zamir Mehmeti addressed the protesters after police left the stopped van of the “Colorful Revolution” at the Boulevard “Koco Racin” in Skopje. 

Riot police, security of the opposition and some members of the movement “Colorful Revolution” prevented escalation of possible bigger incident, when gathered protesters wanted to protest in front of the building, where the former Prime minister Nikola Gruevski lives.

The demonstrators, some of the angry pursue toward the building after the incident involving the traffic police and the Member of the Parliament, Lidija Dimova, MP of the opposition SDSM, who was driving the protester’s van with the signs of the “Colorful Revolution.” Opposition SDSM freeze the work of their MPs in the work of the Parliament upon the call of the non-governmental institutions.

After police officers, as Dimova said, stopped the van, they posed some question, among them,  if she would pledge to the parliamentarian immunity. After, as she stated to the media, responded “yes”, the police car left the van and running protesters at the Boulevard “Koco Racin” in Skopje.

“They asked me if I pledge to the parliamentarian immunity-I said: ‘yes.’ and they waited and requested to open. I said, I cannot open until the owner of the vehicle does not arrive. And we wait,” Dimova said. [look at the video]

But, when the gathered protesters and media crews start the walk toward the van after the information that police officers stopped the van, the traffic police officers left the boulevard with the police vehicle with signal lights.

When protesters arrived to the van, they chanted “Freedom, freedom.”

Zamir Mehmeti of the “Colorful Revolution” addressed the people and said the police left the van as they saw people are united and greeted the multi-ethnic Macedonia, waving the state flag. “They are protecting criminals, but we are fighting for the freedom,” Mehmeti said to the gathered protesters, chanting slogans, as on the soccer game.

Earlier, at the Ministry of Justice, masked members of the “Colorful Revolution” throw paint and police addresses them via speakers to stop the destroying of the state property. There was no incident at the protests, although some local media report, two activists, Simona Spirovska and Pavle Bogoevski of the “Colorful revolution” were at the downtown police station in Skopje. Later, police officers released them, but with written fines.


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