Israel And Turkey Reach Reconciliation Agreement

Time: 6:17 p.m. CEST

Secretary Kerry and Israeli PM Netanyahu Address Reporters

Israel and Turkey announced a reconciliation agreement, which aim is to end the six-year gap in the relations of the Mideast powers. The Associated Press reports that in Rome, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained the deal would help bring ‘stability’ to the turbulent Middle East. Turkish Minister for foreign affairs Binali Yildirim gave similar announcement in Ankara, the AP writes. Relations between Turkey and Israel worsened six years ago when an Israeli naval raid killed nine Turks, among them a dual American citizen on a aid ship, which tried to pass Israel’s blockade in the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas. The countries withdrew their ambassadors and the ties where low diplomatic level.

With the deal announced officially on Monday, Israel and Turkey will restore the full diplomatic relations. The part of the deal is that Israel will pay $20 million in compensation for the families, and it will allow Turkey to deliver aid to Gaza. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu said it is in Israel’s interest to “resolve Gaza’s water and electricity woes.” He explained Turkey would prevent any military action or fundraising in Turkey, referring to Hamas, an Islamic militant group, labeled a “terrorist organization by Israel and the West.” However, the blockade remains in place. Netanyahu was in Rome, where the Secretary of State, John Kerry said the deal is “a positive step.”

Turkish foreign minister Yildrim explained, “The first Turkish ship with 10.000 tons of aids, will depart on Friday.”

The Hurryiet Daily News said, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “spoke with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on June 26,” prior to the announced deal.


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