Local: Macedonia Philharmonic With Special Tribute for Great David Bowie

Time: 11:18 p.m. CEST

A conductor Emin Dzijan conducts with the musicians of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra during the special-tribute concert for music legend David Bowie in Skopje’s City Park on June 23. 

Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra made a special tribute to the music of the great icon and the master of its own music universe, David Bowie. The special tribute concert was at the City Park in Skopje on the open-air stage with the most popular and recognizable sounds of the dance rhythms by Bowie’s mysterious travel through various emotions, which never left any audience, idle. David Bowie never visited Skopje, but his music was important facet of the growing of many generations.

Many arrived to enjoy the sounds his music, some of them sometimes referred as symphonies. Skopje danced in the rhythm of the music of “Starman,” but loudly sang, “Let’s sway while color lights up your face,” at the end of the more than one-hour extraordinary music travel from the ground. As Bowie’s life was a mystery and full of serendipities, such was this special tribute to the great musician in Skopje by the members of the Macedonian Philharmonic during a concert conducted by Emin Dzijan.

Bowie had a special voice type, belonging to the baritones in non-classical music, which could provoke any emotion, and Adi Imeri, a local singer, guitarist and songwriter,  succeed to mesmerize the local audience. The energy Imeri shared and demonstrated on the stage was helped by the members of the Philharmonic Orchestra, Ivan Bejkov, Aleksandar Pop Hristov, Marijana Nikolovska, and Martin Vucic, who equally participated in the visual and musical experience of local interpretation of “Heroes,” “China Girl” on Thursday night on the Park Stage.

Large screen with display of the logo of the Macedonian Philharmonic written on Macedonian with cyrillic alphabet on the left corner.

Their performance was accompanied with the light show and paintings on the left and the right side of the stage. Visual effects created additional counterpoint to the music sending us message, “Blossom fails to bloom this season, Promise not to stare, too long, this is not America, for this is not the miracle,” via music of the famous “This is not America,” one of the many extraordinary profound lyrics, combined with the great musical experience.

For more than one hour, Skopje was sharing positive energy and vibrations through various arts under the bright June’s sky. The concert ended shortly before the closing of the polls in United Kingdom and the next day the current events pushed the positive energy away, but the lights from the cell phones from the audience lightened the dark June night.


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