LOCAL: Opposition Freezes Work in Parliament, Ivanov Claims Country Faced Intra-Ethnic Conflict

Time: 5:12 p.m. CEST

The opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia members of the Parliament and other independent MPs will not participate in the work of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia until the Constitutional Court do not declare on the constitutionality of the Law on the Special public prosecution, the president of the SDSM, Zoran Zaev announced Thursday in Skopje. The opposition MPs would not boycott the parliament, but it would not participate in the plenary work and in the work of the commissions.

“The parliamentarians have commitment to act in the protection of the institution-a symbol for justice and true fight against the crime, which they voted unanimously,” Zaev stated. The news conference of the opposition comes a day after the social-media promoted movement “Colorful Revolution” requested of the MPs to freeze the work in the Assembly. But, Zaev questioned the Wednesday’s address of the President Gjorgje Ivanov, which according to him undermined the work and the legality of the Special Public Prosecution.

Ivanov held a news conference on Wednesday addressing, as he considered, important issues for the country and its residents. In a more than 15 minutes address, broadcasted on the local media, Ivanov stated that the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia did not support the initiative of the opposition  for the opening of the procedure for his impeachment.

Ivanov, who talked for the July 15 agreement using past tense, stated that the political parties used institutions as means for the mutual conflict. Ivanov stated that Special Public Prosecution did not offer results and that the country faced high risk of inter-Macedonian conflict, in which “the criminal networks, anti-government activists were activated,” Ivanov stated.

Moreover, Ivanov said that, “Agreement of Przino was dead.” Contrary to the opposition, which expects of the Special Prosecution to make cases against the former government officials, Ivanov called to courts to give the answer to the case “Putsch.” Ivanov said he acted preventive and stopped eventual civil conflict, announced by the accused in the “Putsch” case. Even though, he could use the army, Ivanov said he restrained of the use of military during the last protest on Monday.

Meanwhile, the members of the State Election Commission continued their work together with the representatives of the international organizations and members of the civil society on the issues related to the voter’s list.


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