“Colorful Revolution” Requests MP’s To Stall Work in Assembly

Time: 2:32 p.m. CEST


Two days after the protests of “Colorful Revolution,” opposition and residents, “Colorful Revolution” posted on their Facebook page Шарена Револуција a note in which they are addressing members of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia.

In the Facebook note, the “Colorful Revolution,” which represents self-created movement through social media, requests of the members of the Parliament, “To freeze the work of the Assembly until the Constitutional Court decision on Special Public Prosecution constitutionality and till the guarantees for the participation of citizens’ representatives as monitors, rapporteurs, and consultants in the negotiations for resolving of the political crisis.”

They urged MP’s to show with “the nonparticipation in the Assembly’s work to the Constitutional Court and to the political actors, which refuse involvement of the citizens in the negotiations, and that there should be no compromises over the democratic path of the Republic of Macedonia,” as the Facebook note states.

The “Colorful Revolution” remained the institutions and the government to their demands, crystalized during the two-months of protests.

  • Full termination of the actions against the activists
  • Resignation of the current government of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI and forming of the interim government to fulfill the urgent reform priorities from Priebe’s report and would make fair conditions for elections.
  • Forming of the special department within the Criminal Court, responsible for the cases of the Special prosecution
  • The process for the solution of the political crisis to remain on the territory of Republic of Macedonia
  • Resignation of Gjorgje Ivanov from the function of the President of the Republic of Macedonia

Note: Journalism reporting on the activities of the “Colorful Revolution”; Official name of the Special Prosecution, as activists refer to the new institution is Public Prosecution of related offenses arising from the content of the illegal interception of communications; Stills are only for journalism purposes.



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