“Colorful Revolution” Sends Message of Support for Orlando

Time: 9:55 a.m. CEST

Three days to the self-imposed ultimatum on June 18 for the several requests of the “Colorful Revolution” remained after yesterday’s protests of the opposition, non-governmental organizations and members of the various social media movements associated with the protests. Under the June sun in Skopje, rare, but still present riot and plain clothes police officers, watched the movement of protesters, who passed their usual walk from the Prosecution for the intercepted conversations toward the government.

Photographs speak for their activities, which included a hashtag “Orlando we stand for you,” written on the colored asphalt in front of the government building and in response to the tragic and deadly incident in Orlando, Florida on early Sunday.

Nikola Dimitrov, a former ambassador of Macedonia to the U.S., now turned activist, talked about alleged fines if someone criticized the president and asked, “If he is president of Macedonia or the president of the crime.” Zdravko Saveski who was released of the house arrest before the weekend said the protests resulted with something good, and that is the stronger civil society.

Protests ended peacefully with police presence barely visible on the streets, but yet police cordon again prevented movement on certain streets in the city.

Colorful.JPGPaint.JPGColor.JPGThree.JPGOrlando.JPGNote: Journalism purposes photographs, no other use is allowed.


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