Primary Court in Skopje Canceled House Arrest for Two Activists

Time: 1:35 p.m. CEST

The Judge of the Primary Court Skopje 1 in Skopje canceled the house arrests measures for Zdravo Saveski and Vladimir Kunovski, but decided to temporarily withhold their passports. The Prosecution charges both Savevski and Kunovski for the demonstrations in April and participation in the demolition of the President’s office for the communication with people.Police brought Saveski today at the court.

While walking, he yield, “We are going to win.”

In the morning, members of the movement “Colorful Revolution” and party members of newly registered party “Left,” where Saveski is a member, protested peacefully at the court, requesting end of the house arrest for their members.

Dimitiar Aspasiev, also member of the “Left” stated that the “Colorful Revolution” “is not organizing protests each day and the reason for the detention does not exist.”

The night on April 13, angry demonstrators broke the windows of the public office of the Republic of Macedonia’s President Gjorgje Ivanov. The defenders of Saveski and Kunovski argued in the court, as local media report, that the public office is not property of the state and it cannot request the charges for the damage.

The trial continues next month. Saveski and Kunovski spend 45 days in house arrest, after the court upon appeal changed previous measure for detention.


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