Interfaith Processing and Private Burial for Muhammad Ali in Louisville

Time: 10:56 p.m. CEST

CNN published, Muhammad Ali was buried on Friday at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky, “after one last drive through his hometown in a motorcade bearing his remains.” The memorial ceremony started at 3:00 p.m. local time, before the procession head for the private burial.

Guest speakers payed a tribute to the boxing legend Muhammad Ali in an interfaith event took place hours after thousands of well-wishers said farewell as his coffin was paraded through the streets of the city, BBC News reports. Ali died next Friday aged 74. Dignitaries and many people attended to the service for the ex-heavyweight champion. BBC News says, “sfter a Koran reading, local Protestant minister Kevin Cosby set the tone of the event, saying that Muhammad Ali had ‘infused in Africans a sense of somebodiness.'”

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of a progressive Jewish magazine, used his speech to launch a blistering attack on injustice against black people and Muslims.”The way to honour Muhammad Ali is to be Muhammad Ali today,” he said. “Speak out and refuse to follow the path of conformity.”

Former President Bill Clinton is to deliver one of the eulogies.



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